Football Manager 2008 - Easy wins


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Easy wins:
Create a custom player and add them to your opponents team. Select "Quick Tactics". Set all of your opponent's players to attack. Place an arrow from the goalkeeper to the striker. You should win easily.

Recommended team:
Search for a team called Poli 21. They have lots of excellent players who are very cheap, and they score quite a few goals. Also, try the following players.

Kevin Doyle Reading
Robbie Keane Tottenham
Kasper Schemichael Man City
Elano Man City

Try the following Hibernian squad:

Steven Fletcher quality striker scored 35 goals in 45 games
Fillip Morais amazing attacking right, left, or center
Alan O'brien good winger left
Lewis Stevenson good left back or left center midfield
Merouanne Zemamma great midfielder
David Murphy quality left back
Chris Hogg good center half

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