G-Force - Achievements


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Objective: Finish mission

Snowball Unleashed
Objective: Finish mission

Saberling Offices
Objective: Finish mission

Central Computer
Objective: Finish mission

RDV Retreat
Objective: Finish mission

Distribution Center
Objective: Finish mission

Assembly Lines
Objective: Finish mission

Chip Manufacture
Objective: Finish mission

Objective: Finish mission

RDV Escape
Objective: Finish mission

FBI Infiltration
Objective: Finish mission

Locate The Real Saber
Objective: Finish mission

Rescue Saber
Objective: Finish mission

Satellite Maintenance
Objective: Finish mission

Objective: Finish mission

Plasma Gun Expert
Objective: Defeated 100 enemies with Plasma Gun

Cluster Rifle Expert
Objective: Deafeated 100 enemies with Cluster Rifle

Flame Thrower Expert
Objective: Defeated 100 enemies with Flame Thrower

Freeze Gun Expert
Objective: Defeated 100 enemies with Freeze Gun

Shot Bolter Expert
Objective: Defeated 100 enemies with Shot Bolter

Incendiary Charge Grenadier
Objective: Defeated 50 enemies with Incendiary Charges

RDV Pulse Cannon Expert
Objective: Defeated 50 enemies with RDV Pulse Cannon

RDV Homing Missile Expert
Objective: Defeated 50 enemies with RDV Homing Missiles

NanoHack Expert
Objective: Defeated 50 enemies using NanoHacked enemies

Big Spender
Objective: Spent more than 10000 Sabersense chips at kiosks

Combat Trainee
Objective: 100 enemies defeated

Combat Expert
Objective: 500 enemies defeated

Tooled-Up Agent
Objective: Purchased all new weapons and weapon upgrades (excluding ammo capacity)


Wealthy Agent
Objective: Accumulate more than 5000 Sabersense chips

G-Force Trainee
Objective: Completed game on Easy difficulty setting

G-Force Recruit
Objective: Completed game on Normal difficulty setting

G-Force Agent
Objective: Completed game on Hard difficulty setting

G-Force Special Agent
Objective: Complete the game on �Special Agent� difficulty

Silver Data Disk Discoverer
Objective: Collected 50% (25) of all Silver Data Disks in the game

Master Agent
Objective: Fully upgraded character with all possible weapons and upgrades

Combat Veteran
Objective: 1000 enemies defeated

Objective: Achieved an average hit rate of at least 80% with projectile weapons

Marching Agent
Objective: Walk more than 20km with Darwin

G-Force Wings
Objective: Fly more than 2km with Mooch

Intelligence Expert
Objective: Scan 100 items in the game


Distinguished Service Medal
Objective: Completed game twice

G-Force Rapid Response Agent
Objective: Completed game in under 8 hours (on any difficulty setting)

Silver Data Disk Expert
Objective: Collected 100% (50) of all Silver Data Disks in the game


100% Complete
Objective: You have unlocked every other trophy

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