Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko - Level Passwords


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Level Passwords

Level Effect

All 127 Lives and All Remotes

Password: NJ4N>P2S274N>P2S28

All Remotes All Levels All Bonus Levels

Password: MX68KQY3S68KQYW8

Vault Codes

At the Vault screen enter any of the following "Passwords". To get to the Vault screen play the hidden level and get all four vault secret keys:

Effect Password
Eight Hit Paws Square Diamond Triangle Triangle Star Diamond
Extra Life Triangle Circle Star Square Square X
Ten Lives Square X Circle Circle Triangle Square
Invincibility Square Star Triangle Square Triangle Diamond
Toggle Timer Square Square Diamond Circle X X
Play as Alfred Square X Triangle Square Star Star
Play as Cuz Square Diamond Square Square Triangle Diamond
Play as Rex Square Star Star Square Triangle Triangle
Play as DracuGex Star X X Circle Square Triangle
View FMV Sequence Circle Triangle Square Star Diamond Star
View FMV Sequence 2 Diamond Star Square X Triangle Circle
View FMV Sequence 3 X Diamond Star Triangle Triangle Circle
View All FMV Sequences Star X X Circle Square Triangle
Level Select Square Circle Circle Triangle X X
Gex Quotes Press Select Square Triangle X Star Square X
Debug Menu Press Select Square Square Diamond Circle X X

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