Legacy Of Kain - Blood Omen 2 - Cheat mode


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Strategy Guide

Cheat mode

At the main menu, press L1, R1, L2, R2, Square, Circle, Triangle.
Start a new game to begin with the Soul Reaver and Iron Armor.

Extra Movie

Go to the main menu and press Up, Up, Down, Right, Left

All Dark Magic

While playing press start to pause the game. while game is paused press and hold L2. while still holding L2 press Square, triangle, circle, X, X. then unpause the game

Defeat Sarafan easily

To defeat the Sarafan Lord easily, in chapter 11, do the following:Like all bosses, he has 3 battle tactics. In the first, You must dodge his 3 energy blasts from the Soul Reaver. As he is charging for his second onslaught, you must quickly hit him with Telekensis. He is then stunned, you use the jump ability to attack him. This will instantly cause a cut scene and you will be thrown into his second tactic.
His second form is fairly easy. You simply block all his attacks, other than his fury hit just jump out of the way from the fury hit, continue to block until Rage bar is filled enough to use Immolate. Repeat this process about 4 times, this will cause another cut scene and throw you into the 3rd, and final tactic. you now have the soul reaver=
The 3rd tactic is fairly difficult. As he blocks 90 of your swings, and all Rage attacks are futile. You do not have many options open. You must swing 3 times at him, he will block all 3. You then jump away backwards instantly after the 3rd swing, he will then attempt to hit you immediately after your 3rd swing. After he starts to pull his hand back from the attack, you slash at him with the Soul Reaver. You should hit him at least once during this proces. I'm sorry if it sounds confusing, but this tactic does effectily.

Easier way to defeat Sarafan Lord

Ok the cheat that tells you to do all of that confusing tactics on the 3rd time you fight the Sarafan Lord theres an easier way hes right about the first two but on the 3rd heres what you do.You can use one rage technique its the first one you have in the game "Rage" okay block all his attacks until the last attack where he puts his hand anove his head about to smash you quickly slide to the side with your rage bar full and use it right after he swings at where you were standing this strategy worked great for me the first time I fought him good luck

How to beat the Sarafan Lord, 3rd stage

Use the same tactics as the second round. after he uses the power punch he will pause. Grab him and run him through with the Soul Reaver. Repeat until finished, it's that easy.


While playing the game hold L2 and you can walk around. This allows you to sneak up on enemies. If you swing once that's all the damage you can do unless you swing once and keep swinging while you let go of L2. But if the first strike dose not make the enemy move and you don't hear a gasping sound or a UGH then back off and don't let go of L2. Once at a safe distance let go of L2 and stand there for a few seconds. Hold L2 again and reproach the enemy attack quickly. This does work on end bosses. Just make sure they are not blocking and if you do this while they are attacking you you may still get hit.. this goes for all the enemies so be careful....

Game Shark Codes

Master Code Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Infinite Health DE9CD34A F8AADE4B
DE9CD356 002AFB83
DE9CD37E A0F59B93
DE9CD326 BCA99B83
DE9CD342 BCA99B83
Kain: Upgraded [Note 1] DEB5DA06 BCA99B84
Show Health Debug Info DE9CD342 BCA99B83
Show Velocity Debug Info DE9CD332 BCA99B83
Show Lore Debug Info DE9CDEEA BCA99B83
Show Coordinates DE9CDFD6 BCA99B83
Show Time Debug Info DE9CDE06 BCA99B83
Super Jump [Note 2] DE8E533A F8AADA03
DE8E53C2 002ABB83
Always Can Target "Dark Gift Jump" DE9BC87ECCA99B42
Matrix Kain Slow-Motion DEB5A22E FAF56750
Matrix Enemies Slow-Motion DEB5A22A FAF56750
Hyper Kain Ultra Speed DEB5A22E FC299B83
Hyper Enemies Ultra Speed DEB5A22A FC299B83

Note 1: Begin the game or a new level with armor and the Soul Reaver.

Note 2: Be careful when jumping indoors, as you may become stuck in ceilings. Be careful when jumping outside, as you may jump out or off the level.

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