Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - Boss Guide


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Boss Guide:

Here's the guide to beating Blaaz on the Isle of Embers

1: Blaaz will split into 3 forms that you can't hit with your sword, but can hit with your boomerang. look on your map and see the monsters have 1, 2, and 3 horns on there heads, target them with your boomerang in 1 throw from 1st to 2nd to 3rd. They'll join together and you can hit him.

2: Blaaz will disappear and reappear somewhere else. Track him down and hit him when he's solid. Do this a few times and he will repeat step 1 after that he's dead.

The guide to beating the 2nd boss Cyclok on the Isle of Gust

1: Okay Cyclok is really easy and only has one phase to beat. When he summonds cyclones on the floor, you should rush over to one and either throw 1 of your bombs in it or 1 of the bomb plants into the cyclone that Cyclok flies over. The bomb will explode and send him crashing down to you. Slice him and repeat and you got this.

Here's how to beat the 3rd boss Crayk on Molida Island

1: Crayk is only good at hiding and charging straight at you until he grabs you. It's during this charge that you can guess his location by looking at his view (the top screen) and shoot and arrow straight at his face to stun him. Now go and hit the purple soft spots on his shell. Sooner of later you'll crush his shell.

2: Now that he's exposed swing your sword at his face so he will block with his claws and give you time to hit his weak spot on the back of his tail. A couple times of that and he's dead.

4th is Dongorongo at Goron Island

1: This is done with both Gongoron and Link (note that you have to protect Link and Gongoron because both take damage). Play with Gongoron first and circle Dongorongo until he sucks up a lot of air and prepares to spit a massive stream of fire, while he warms up move to his side and launch at him to take him down. Hit him several times until he's thoroughly out cold and dizzy. Now switch to Link and draw a path for a bombchu that will ride into Dongorongo mouth and blow him up. Repeat this like three times to "win"

2: Now Gongoron will leave thinking you've won, but Dongorongo will still be standing. Circle Dongorongo like u did with Gongoron and again wait for him to prepare his fire stream. While he's still sucking up air throw a bomb in his mouth. About 3 times and he's down for the count.

The 5th boss is Bleeok on Ice Island

1: Make a wire with your hookshot that connects the two poles together when one of the dragons fire that blast at you ( this hast to be at an angle so that the dragon not blasting is hit by the blast because only the other red dragon can hurt the blue dragon and vice versa).

2: After doing this several times and there masks brake off, they will lean forward and reveal a tongue thing while charging a blast. Make a rope between this and the far pole to pull it down so you can attack it. After a couple of strikes each they will die.

Last is Eox on the Island of Ruins

1: Eox is invincible on the ground so stand on the launch pads and fly into the air with the hammer. Hammer Eox's red buttons in the air several times each until they each break off (don't forget the 1s on the back).

2: Repeat step 1 only this time u must hit every red button in 1 jump and make them turn blue.

3: Eox will now just be a head that u must fly onto with the launch pads and strike at jewel on his head with the hammer till he's dead.

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