Legends of Wrestlemania - Unlock Brutis Beefcake alternate outfit


Total votes: 37
Unlock Brutis Beefcake alternate outfit:
Enter BrutisTheBarberShop as a password.

Unlock Iron Shiek alternate outfit:
Enter IronSheikCamelClutch as a password.

Unlock Jimmy Hart alternate outfit:
Enter WithManagerJimmyHart as a password.

Unlock The Rock alternate outfit:
Enter UnlockTheRockBottom as a password.



Created a Legend
Objective: Make a Created Legend

Objective: Win using a manager in an Exhibition match


Chain Struggle
Objective: Win using a Chain Struggle

Dive Attack
Objective: Successfully perform a dive attack from all four corners

First Medal
Objective: Obtain a medal in WrestleMania Tour Mode

Objective: Win using only grapple attacks

Invincible Created Legend
Objective: Max out a Created Legend's attributes

Legend Killer
Objective: Obtain a medal in Legend Killer Mode

Memory Serves Me Well
Objective: Complete any match without pausing in the "Relive" section of WrestleMania Tour Mode

New Legend
Objective: Defeat 10 opponents with a Created Legend in a single tier in Legend Killer Mode

Tag Chain Struggle
Objective: Win using a Tag Chain Struggle

Objective: Win by using five or more reversals in a single match


King of Kings
Objective: Defeat the Favorite Legends Tier in Legend Killer Mode

Medal Collector
Objective: Obtain all of the medals in WrestleMania Tour Mode

Royal Rumble Winner
Objective: Win a 30-Man Royal Rumble

Super Fast Legend Killer
Objective: Become a Legend Killer in Legend Killer Mode in 30 minutes or less

True Legend Killer
Objective: Obtain all of the medals in Legend Killer Mode

WrestleMania Tour
Objective: Clear all "Relive" matches in WrestleMania Tour Mode

You're #1
Objective: Have your Created Legend reach the Top rank in Hall of Fame Mode


Objective: Obtain all other Trophies

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