Lego Island

Lego Island


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Game Cheats:

Debug Mode

During gameplay type 'ogelisland' or 'ogel' (without the quotes) followed by N to enable Debug mode. Then press the following keys to enable the corresponding Debug command.

Diving, Elevator Scene:
Press A

Move Camera Higher:
Press you

Move Camera Lower:
Press D

Freeze Game:
Press G + 1

Brickster Escapes Jail Scene:
Press G + 2

Helicopter Shooting Scene:
Press G + 3

Brickster is Caught Scene:
Press G + 4

Destroyed Town Scene:
Press G + 5

Pause and Resume Game:
Press N

Toggle Plants and Lampposts:
Press P

Toggle Music:
Press S

Plants Dance:
Press Z

Changes the Lighting:
Press L + (0 or 1)

Plays Each Animation:
Press V + A

Show Game Location Briefly:
Press C + (00 to 69)

View Framerate:
Press (Tab)

Higher Quality Graphics:
Press H

Lower Quality Graphics:
Press F

Standard Quality Graphics:
Press X

Play as Brickster; Click Buildings and Plants to Destroy Them:
Press (Keypad /)

Cycle Through Characters:
Press (Keypad Asterisk)

Listen to Radio During Credits:
During gameplay press the 'Esc' key and turn on the radio. Then click on the red brick when prompted to exit.

Go Through Walls Glitch:
If you play as Pepper and walk up to any wall and press '+' (Keypad Plus) and '-' (Keypad Minus) you will be able to walk through the wall (this sometimes takes several attempts).

Get the Brickster out of Jail:
Play as Pepper and have ALL the vehicles (this includes the helicopter) before going to the Pizzeria. Click on the rail to deliver pizza and go to the jail. The Brickster will use the pizza to melt the metal on the door.

Shortcut Keys:
To move forward press '-' (Keypad Minus) and to move up diagonally press '+' (Keypad Plus).

Cave Clues:
Using the elevator at the Information Center go to the third floor. Select the arrow on the right and open the center drawer on the desk.

Flight Mode:
To enable this mode go to the Information center, enter the elevator and remain idle for one minute. After this period of time has elapsed you will able to use the cursor keys to fly around the town.

Change Songs:
If you click the gap in front of the Pizasony shop you will be able to select the radio to change songs.

Dancing Trees and Flowers:
This effect can be enabled during gameplay by pressing Z + T.

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