Madden NFL 2001 - Unlimited Creation Points


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Unlimited Creation Points

Go to Roster then Create. Create a player with anything you want. Now go over to Edit. Highlight any player you want to edit including the player youjust created. Press Right to highlight SPD. Press X then press X again.This will bring up the attribute screen where you can make all the stats 99 for the player 99.

Easy way to Get Multiples of cards

First of all you have to star a profile and play games to get tokens. Then buy packs of cards. Now start another profile and do the same. Then save all the data. Now go to the trade screen and trade which card you want from the second profile to the first. Its best to trade three cards for one and then save the first profile but don't save the second profile. Now turn the power off. And turn it back on. When you go back to to Card screen you will see that the first profile got the cards it traded for and the second kept them as well the only cards that are lost is the one the first profile put up for the trade, so just make sure you only trade a card that you don't want. This also works vice versa.

Who needs Madden's Team when you can have your own

First go to roster and then go to edit player. After that, where the "OVR" is displaying the players stats move over to the "SPD" for speed and it will bring up a menu move the speed up all the way and press X and then you can max all the stats out. It kinda takes away from the fun, and is also time consuming if you want all your players perfect, but you will be basically unstoppable oh yeah

Get the ball after every onside kick

This isn't really a cheat, but it can get you alot of points. Okay when you make a touchdown choose to do an onside kick, now pick to kick to the left. When you get ready to kick a red arrow will appear move that arrow as far as you can to the left, when you kick you can run after the ball and pick it up or one of your teammates will. This is a fun trick and could rake you up to 112 points

Easy Win

To get an easy win, all penalties must be off. Keep on kicking an onside kick after you have scored. Only kick it 3-5 yards very lightly.

Get the ball first

Go To Exhibition , Season or even Franchise Get everything setup the way you want it. OK done now press Start before the coin toss begins. Now You Should start off with the ball.

Win Coin Toss

When you are visiting team press start repeatedly and you should win the toss

Turn Off Season Salary Cap

To turn off the salary cap in Season mode-From the MAIN MENUnot in Season Mode Go to Trade Playerin the Roster menu and trade enough players to any team to put them over their salary cap. You cant trade players to your team to put your cap over, but if you trade for their players and it goes over the salary cap in Season Mode will be turned off and you can spend unlimited amounts on creating your own Super Team

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