Madden NFL 2002 - Have receivers wide open


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Have receivers wide open

Call a passing play, preferably a Slant play. Hike the ball and display the passing options. Run your quarterback to the right do not press X. When you are almost at the sidelines, press R and he will often be wide open.

Winning the coin toss

Use the following tricks to win the coin toss 99 of the time:

Pick any team and wait until the coin toss. If it is heads, then 98 of the time the next coin toss will be tails. Press Start and end the game. Pick the team again, then pick tails at the coin toss.

Pick your teams and choose to be the home team. When the other team is selecting, continuously press L R until the referee announces the results of the coin toss. 99 of the time, it will be the opposite of what the other team picked.

Touchdown sounds

Press one of the following buttons when you score a touchdown to make the indicated sound while the player is celebrating:

Blow horn: Press B.
Whistle: Press A.
"Pow": Press R.
"Whew": Press L.

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