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Strategy Guide

Various Cheats

Pause gameplay hold Shift and enter any of the following "Codes". Use the keypad to enter the numbers. If done correctly the screen will shake:

Code Effect
S66S Fat Tires
4AWD Perfect Balance
4W62 Add 8 Minutes to Run Time
648W Burnside Level
648A School Level
648D Warehouse Level
648S Granny Rider
4AW8 Remove OnScreen Display
AS86WA84 Special Always Full
466WSS 10x Score
SSW664 10/ Score

Submitted by Jeffman

Code Info

Use these for the above codes:

W Pedal
S Brake
A Left
D Right
2 Bunnyhop
4 Air Trick
6 Spin Trick
8 Grind/Stall
Submitted by Jeffman

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