Medal of Honor: Frontline


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A Day At The Beach (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Level Your Finest Hour

Making It Rain (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Level Into the Breach

Boom Goes the Dynamite (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Level Special Cargo

I Blowed Up U-Boat (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Mission A Storm in the Port

Listen All Y'all It's A Sabotage (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Level The Golden Lion

Next Time Buy A Safe (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Mission Needle in a Haystack

They Should Write a Book...Or Make a Movie (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Level Nijmegen Bridge

Tickets Please (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the Level Riding Out the Storm

Hero at Normandy (Bronze)
Objective: Earn the Army Distinguished Service Medal

Darth Nader (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 3 Enemies With 1 Grenade

Hokey Pokey (Bronze)
Objective: Get 20 shots in each shot location (Head, Torso, Groin, each leg, and each arm)

I said dance! (Bronze)
Objective: Make 20 enemies hop around by shooting them in the foot.

Crackshot (Bronze)
Objective: Get 50 headshots

Ballbuster (Bronze)
Objective: Get 50 shots in the groin

Hit 'Em In The Face (Bronze)
Objective: Get 20 Melee Kills

Trigger Happy (Bronze)
Objective: Fire 5000 shots

Thirsty (Bronze)
Objective: Use 25 Medical Canteens

Is It Monet or Manet? (Bronze)
Objective: Look behind 15 pictures in Operation Repunzel

What time is it!?! (Bronze)
Objective: Destroy 15 clocks in Operation Repunzel

Kicking It Reall Old School (Bronze)
Objective: Play Any Level using the Classic MoH Control Scheme

Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart. (Bronze)
Objective: Get 50 kills with the shotgun

You Can't Go Wrong With the Classics (Bronze)
Objective: Get 50 kills with the M1 Garand

Pistol Pete (Bronze)
Objective: Get 50 kills with the Colt .45 or the Walther P38

Burp Gun (Bronze)
Objective: Get 50 kills with the MP40

Long shot (Bronze)
Objective: Get 50 kills with the Springfield '03

Sturmgewehr and Drang (Bronze)
Objective: Get 50 kills with the STG

Have you met my friend, Tommy Gun? (Bronze)
Objective: Get 50 kills with the Thompson SMG

Shhhh! (Bronze)
Objective: Get 25 kills with the Welby and Scott Silenced Pistol

BAR None (Bronze)
Objective: Get 50 kills with the Browning Automatic Rifle

Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Pineapple (Bronze)
Objective: Get 50 kills using grenades

Panzerschrek The Third (Silver)
Objective: Complete the Mission Several Bridges Too Far

Little Engine That Could Not (Silver)
Objective: Complete the Mission Rolling Thunder

Grand Theft Aero (Silver)
Objective: Complete the Mission The Horten's Nest

Come Sail Away (Silver)
Objective: Earn the Army Commendation Medal

Found The Needle (Silver)
Objective: Earn the Soldier's Medal

I Think It's Dutch (Silver)
Objective: Earn the Dutch WWII Commemorative Cross Medal

Striking Lightning (Silver)
Objective: Earn the Legion of Merit Medal

Bug Spray (Silver)
Objective: Earn the Distinguished Flying Service Cross

Full Frontal (Silver)
Objective: Complete the Game On Any Difficulty

Less is More (Silver)
Objective: Kill 1000 Enemies

Heavy Medals (Gold)
Objective: Earn All Medals

You Aren't As Tought As Audie Murphy (Gold)
Objective: Complete The Game On Hard Difficulty

ET Goin' Home (Gold)
Objective: Find the UFO in 'On Track'

What Do You Want, a Medal? (Platinum)
Objective: Earn All Available Trophies in Medal of Honor Frontline

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