Megaman X 3 - XSaber Enhancement


Total votes: 81

XSaber Enhancement

Password: 3317835367723824

Level Passwords

Neon Tiger 3723128317511456
Gravity Beetle 7743525614415486
Blast Hornet 7745525314415486
Blizzard Buffalo 5275126617515458
Tunnel Rhino 5765126317565488
Volt Catfish 5768126747585488
Toxic Seahorse 2376216362587841
Crush Crawfish 8216415667423821
Dr. Doppler's Laboratory 8317168367723876

Have heal chip

Password: 3217138367723821

Have arm chip

Password: 1154216561627181

Have leg chip

Password: 3217135367723871

Have armor

Password: 7257556364627841

At last level fully powered

Password: 6164415568723166

Second Part of Dopplers Level with All Weapons and Part Beaten

Submitted by Dan P

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