Mission: Impossible - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Enter any of the following "Codes" at the Level Select screen. If done correctly you will hear Ethan say "Ah that's better=":

Effect Code
7.65 Silenced Pistol CUp L CRight CLeft CUp
Uzi with 30 Rounds CRight CLeft CRight CDown R
HighPowered 9mm Pistol R L CDown CUp CUp
Mini Rocket Launcher R L CLeft CRight CDown
Big Heads CDown R CUp L CLeft
Big Feet CDown R Z CRight CLeft
Kid Mode CDown CUp R L Z
Turbo Mode CUp Z CUp Z CUp
Invincibility R Z CDown R CDown
Infinite Ammo CUP Z CLeft Z L


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