MLB Slugfest 2003 - Various Codes


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Various Codes

Go to the match up screen and press B, Y, X the amount of times indicated then the D pad in the indicated direction. Example for code 1-1-2-Left you would press B, Y, X, X, D pad Left.

Long bat 0-0-4 Up
Wiffle bat 0-0-4 Right
Mace bat 0-0-4 Left
Softball bat 2-4-2 Down
Rubber Ball 2-4-2 Up
Maximum Speed 0-0-3 Left
Maximum Power 0-3-0 Left
Maximum Batting 3-0-0 Left
Big Head 2-0-0 Right
Small Head 2-0-0 Left
Infinite Turbo 4-4-4 Down
Tourney Mode 1-1-1 Down
No Fatigue 3-4-3 Up
Roman Coliseum 3-3-3 Up
Rocket Park Stadium 3-2-1 Up
Pinto Team Brown Horse2-1-0 Right
Lion Team 2-2-0 Right
Eagle Team 2-1-2 Right
White Horse Team 2-1-1 Right
Terry Fitzgerald Team 3-3-3 Right
Todd McFarlane Team 2-2-2 Right
Extra Time After Plays are made 1-2-3 Up
No Contact Mode 4-3-3 Left

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