Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance - Fatalities


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Unlock Kano

The third time you win with any Character you will unlock Kano in normal difficulty.

Unlock Kitana

The first time you win with Jak you will Unlock Kitana.

Unlock Sub-Zero

The second time you win with Jax you will unlock Sub-Zero

Krypt Codes

Effect Code
Prissy Kitana AA
Kitana AB
Diva Li Mei AC
Arena: The Portal AD
Free Test Your Might AE
50 Koins AF
Reptile Scorpion AG
Commando Jax AH
Quan Chi AI
Goth Kung Lao AJ
Golden Rose Kung Lao AK
Fly Girl Sonya AL
Goth Frost AM
Anime Sonya AN
Chrome Jax AO
Arena: House of Pekara BA
Reaper Scorpion BB
Smoke Scorpion BC
Sub-Zero BD
Goth Scorpion BE
Irish Rose Li Mei BF
Gamma Jax BG
Goth Kenshi BH
Free Test Your Might BI
Select Arcade Mode Arena BJ
Anime Kano BK
Kry Baby Kung Lao BL
Flaming Frost BM
Goth Quan Chi BN
Thermal Mode BO
Ermac Scorpion CA
Hippy Li Mei CB
Goth Shang Tsung CC
Evergreen Shang Tsung CD
500 Koins CE
Vlad Shang Tsung CF
Armored Kenshi CG
Skin-Suit Kitana sexy CH
Purple Quan Chi CI
Anime Scorpion CJ
Demon Quan Chi CK
Suntan Quan Chi CL
Black Knight Kenshi CM
Stone Sub-Zero CN
VB Mode CO
Piotr Kano DA
Icy Frost DB
Denim Dream Kano DC
Akano Kano DD
Goth Kitana DE
Wood Shaman Kung Lao DF
Colorblind Kenshi DG
Handyman Shang Tsung DH
Technicolor Shang Tsung DI
Reaper Quan Chi DJ
Anime Kitana DK
200 koins DL
Royal Shang Tsung DM
Scorpio Sub-Zero DN
Goth Sonya DO
Goth Jax EA
Anime Li Mei EB
Anime Quan Chi EC
Anime Kung Lao ED
Anime Frost EE
Jade Kitana EF
Rogue Sonya EG
Xeno Kano EH
Justice Kenshi EI
Anime Shang Tsung EJ
White Kight Kenshi EK
Undercover Jax EL
Snowy Frost EM
Goth Li Mei EN
Kano EO
Hyper Blue Frost FA
Krypt Rayder Sonya FB
1000 Koins FC
Mandarin Li Mei FD
Solid Kenshi FE
Shang Tsung FF
Patriotca Li Mei FG
80s Sonya FH
Private Kano FI
Gold Quan Chi FJ
Arena: The Swamp FK
Red Sonya FL
Krazy Survival Kolors FM
Scorpette Frost FN
Anime Jax FO
Golden Jax GA
Happy Raver Frost GB
Anime Sub-Zero GC
100 Koins GD
250 Koins GE
Farenheit Sub-Zero GF
Anime Kenshi GG
Captain Sub-Zero GH
Goth Sub-Zero GI
Alien Quan Chi GJ
Goth Kano GK
Black Jax GL
Kung Pao Kung Lao GM
Reaper Kung Lao GN
Parliament Shang Tsung GO
Celcius Scorpion HA
Krazy Kredits HB
Wild West Kung Lao HC
Leather Kitana HD
Arena: Spy Facility HE
Iced Sub-Zero HF
classic mode HG
Night Vision Mode HH
Lace Kitana HI
Lemon Li Mei HJ
Storm Scorpion HK
Classic Sonya HL
Disco King Kano HM
Reaper Sub-Zero HN
Tart Kitana HO

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