Nascar Thunder 2003 - Extra Drivers


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Extra Drivers

Go to features select create a car and go in and select driver info put in first name: Extra and Last Name: Drivers and exit and go to a race and there will be more drivers in yellow

Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Go to Create-a-car. Type first name as Dale. Then last name as Earnhardt. Your Done You don't have to save the car. You get the license plate.

Get Thunder Plates

Finish the challenges in Thunder Challenge or Lightning Challenge to get new plates

Get Tiburon Speedway Track

Use any memory card that has a saved game file from any EA Sports 2003 Game

Unlock Secret Paint Schemes

Go to settings and change your diff. to veteran then go to the single race pick someone that has a paint scheme to unlock go to any track win the race and you will unlock there paint scheme

EASY extra paint schemes

Change the difficulty to veteran or legend, start a race, and win it, you will get that car's paint scheme. Trust me, it works, I got all of Tony Stewart's and most of Ken Shrader's paint schemes. If you want as many paint schemes as you can get, start a season on veteran or legend, quit the season and you will have all of your driver's paint schemes depending on how many races you win. You can not use the same race to get a paint scheme. Ex. You can't win the Daytona 500 2x and get 2 paint schemes. But you can win the Daytona 500 & The Shootout and get 2 paint schemes.

How to rename you Cars

If your like me, you probably didn't name your created cars. They're simply Car 1, Car 2, etc. To rename, go to modify, select a car, and at the car menu, press triangle. It will ask if you if want to save and select yes. Then at the save screen go to the car with the same title as the car you are saving. DELETE IT Then go back to the same space you just cleared, and save your car. Type in its new name and enjoy being better organized.

Easy Way To Complete Lightning Challenge "Game Time"

When your coming off of turn 1 pass the cars in front of you then draft right behind Tony Stewart until you come into turn 2 then make your move on himin other words pass him and then hold him off down the long stretch. Congratulations You just completed Lightning Challenge "Game Time"

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