NASCAR Thunder 2003 - Extra Drivers


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Extra Drivers

Go to features select create a car and go in and select driver info put in first name: Extra and Last Name: Drivers and exit and go to a race and there will be more drivers in yellow

Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Go to Create-a-car. Type first name as Dale. Then last name as Earnhardt. Your Done You don't have to save the car. You get the license plate.

Get Thunder Plates

Finish the challenges in Thunder Challenge or Lightning Challenge to get new plates

Get Tiburon Speedway Track

Use any memory card that has a saved game file from any EA Sports 2003 Game

Easy Daytona 500 WIN

On create a career mode when you go to the Daytona 500 on the thirdlap cause a caution don't pit. When your fuel is very low pit. After you come out spin your car to cause another caution. You can go all the way but they can't they have to pit on the last lap you pass every body but one will be behind youhold him off to win

Getting Driver's Paintschemes and Special Tracks

Pick a driver that has a special paint scheme and a track that has a special feature i.e Daytona has the Shootout and race at the veteran level and win the race you will open up thunder plates and get the paint scheme as well as the special track.

Unlock the Sandstorm 500K at Phoenix

To unlock the Sandstorm 500K at Phoenix, do a race with any driver at the Checker Auto Parts 500.When you win the race, after the celebration ends, you should get the Phoenix Road Course-the Sandstorm 500K.

All Kyle Petty Paint Jobs

First, win a race with Kyle Petty's 2002 Sprint PCS Car to get the 2001 Sprint PCS Car. Then,win a race with Kyle Petty's 2002 Charity Ride Car to get the 2001 Charity Ride Car. Congratulations You have all of Kyle Petty's paint jobs.

Richard petty

like dale earnhardt go to the create a car and type Richard then Petty in the other name slot then Exit GUESS WHAT U GOT RICHARD PETTY
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