NBA Hoopz - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Use the following codes with the Turbo , Shoot and Pass buttons in that order. What you do is press these buttons the number of times indicated. for example 2-3-1 Left would mean press Turbo 2 times, Shoot 3 times and Pass 1 time then left.

Code Effect
312 Up Infinite Turbo
023 Left Beach Court
320 Left Street Court
014 Right Home Uniform
024 Right Away Uniform
111 Right ABA Ball
121 Left Granny Shots
011 Down Show Shot
110 Down Show Hotspot
444 Left No Goaltending
222 Right No Fouls
301 Up No Hotspots
300 Right Big Heads
330 Left Tiny Heads
543 Left Tiny Players

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