NBA Jam Extreme - Keep Record Screen Codes


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Keep Record Screen Codes

To enter the following codes enter them in pairs of two. Enter the first pair then backspace twice and enter the next pair. Repeat until the code is complete:

Start at playoffs
Enter PL AY OF FS.

Start at finals
Enter FI NA LS.

Start with 20 playoff record
Enter CH EE SY.

Start with 30 finals record
Enter NO VI CE.

Go to the Shootout for 45 seconds before game
Enter SH OO TO UT.

Sound test mode
Enter KA ZO O.

PreGame Codes

Enter any of the following at the select screen and finish them on the Vs. screen:

Display shot percentage
Hold Extreme Shoot.

Permanent Turbo
Hold Turbo and press Up Down Up Down.

No turbo meters
Hold Turbo Extreme and press Up Down Up Down.

No crowd
Hold Extreme Pass Up.

TipOff Codes

Enter the following before the tipoff:

No CPU assistance
Press Extreme Turbo Pass2

Play as pencil
Press Extreme2 Pass2 Extreme Turbo Pass2.

Play with beach ball
Press Pass2 Turbo Extreme Turbo Pass2

Play with soccer ball
Press Pass2 Turbo3 Extreme3

Maximum rebound stat for every player
Press Pass2 Extreme Special Extreme Turbo.

Maximum steal/block stat for every player
Press Pass3 Turbo3 Extreme3 Pass3.

Maximum three points stat for every player
Press Pass8 Extreme Pass7.

Maximum dunk and three points stat for every player
Press Turbo5 Pass Extreme Turbo6.

Maximum speed stat for every player
Press Extreme10 Pass3.

Goaltending allowed
Press Extreme8 Pass Extreme9.

Power push
Press Turbo2 Pass2 Turbo2 Pass2 Turbo2 Pass2 Turbo2

High arc shots
Press Turbo5 Pass2 Turbo6

Hidden MiniGame

In a fourplayer game hold Up Extreme on all four DPads when exiting the select screen.

Access All Teams

Hold L R and enter the initials YME and the date May 17.

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