NBA Live 06 - Dunks


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Alley Oop to yourself: Hold LT Y on a fast break
Cockback: Hold LT X
One Handed: Hold LT and tap X
One Handed Windmill: Hold LT A
Lay Up: Hold LT B
Various dunks: Hold LT and tap Y
Leaning Tomahawk: Hold LT and tap A
Two Handed Tomahawk: Hold LT and tap B
Two Handed Windmill: Hold LT Y

2005-2006 Pacer away uniform:
Enter PSDF90PPJN as a code to unlock the 2005-2006 Pacer away uniform.

2005-2006 Pacer home uniform:
Enter SDF786WSHW as a code to unlock the 2005-2006 Pacer home uniform.

Adidas A3 Garnett 3 shoes:
Enter DRI239CZ49 as a code to unlock the Adidas A3 Garnett 3 shoes.

Easy points:
To get easy points, get an outside scorer and press LT X. He will put the ball behind his back and lay it up. It cannot be stopped even by an inside stopper and will always work.

S. Carter 3 shoes:
Enter JZ3SCARTVY as a code to unlock the S. Carter 3 shoes.

Slam Dunk Contest points:
While in the Slam Dunk Contest, tap X, then hold B to do MJ's 1988 Slam Dunk. If it is done from the free throw line, it is worth an automatic 50. Hold LT RT and press X2, Y to do the Vince Carter arm in the rim. If you hold it for a few seconds, he will put his arm pit in the rim for a 50 sometimes.

To do a 720 dunk for an automatic 50, hold RT and run towards the basket and press the one foot 180 gather Y. As soon as the gather motion starts, quickly rotate the Left Analog-stick counter-clockwise, twice then press the Windmill Dunk Y again. Release Y just before completing the first rotation and you will automatically complete the second rotation. You will always get a 50 for completing this dunk. Note: The RT dunk modifier must be held for the entire dunk. Also, you must complete the 720 motion before pressing Y the second time to dunk.

To do a under the legs dunk, start from the baseline. Hold LT, then use B to gather and B to do the trick. Correct timing is required.

To do a under the legs reverse dunk for an automatic 50, start from the corner of either baseline, then run toward the basket and press the two foot 180 gather A just as you reach the word HOUSTON06 along the baseline. As soon as you start the gather motion, hold Pump Slam B button, releasing B as soon as the ball passes under the legs and make contact with the player's other hand. The timing is difficult and you will probably get hung on the rim until you get the timing correct. However, this dunk is worth an automatic 50. Note: When you perform this dunk, make sure you are running in the red out of bounds area behind the goal and not on the court or the judges may only give you a 49.

T-Mac 5 white shoes:
Enter HGS83KP234P as a code to unlock the T-Mac 5 white shoes.

T-Mac black shoes:
Enter 258SHQW95B as a code to unlock the T-Mac black shoes.

Boston Celtics alternate away uniform:
Enter 193KSHU88J as a code.

Cleveland Cavaliers alternate away uniform:
Enter 9922NVDKVT as a code.

Denver Nuggets alternate away uniform:
Enter XWETJK72FC as a code.

Detroit Pistons red alternate away uniform:
Enter JANTWIKBS6 as a code.

Sacramento Kings 2005-2006 alternate uniform:
Enter 654NNBFDWA as a code.

Infinite points:
When you get fouled, when you are shooting foul shots, try to miss your last shot. After that get the rebound and get fouled again. Keep doing this to get infinite points

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