NBA Live '98 - EA Production Teams


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EA Production Teams

Go to Rosters then to Custom Teams. Enter one of the following h3s EXACTLY as shown:EA EuropalsHitmen CodersHitmen EarplugsHitmen PixelsHitmen IdlersQA CampersQA TesttubesTNT Blasters

Easter Eggs

To enable easter eggs begin a normal game and go to the User Setup screen. Then start a new user h3 and enter "Secrets". Press Start the confirm the h3 and press Circle to activate the Secrets menu.To use any of the following cheats go to the Secrets menu then enter a "Secret Code" from below:

Secret Code Effect
Seaweed Underwater seawood court
Scary Home Team dresses up in Halloween costumes
Freaky Away Team dresses up in costumes
Clock home Home team selected player is invisible
Away Invisible Away team selected player is invisible
Eyepatch Create a player with eye patch
Monocle Create a player with a monocle
Toque Creat player EA Toque
Prisoners Hitman
Lizard Chameleon Home Team
Reptile Chameleon Away Team

Tip: Save your settings to a memory card immediately after you enter the code. This way you'll never have to type in the code again.

Different Free Throw Styles

Effect Code
Granny Shot hold R1 while shooting
Take Time hold L2 while shooting


While playing hold L2 then press X.

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