Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 - Unlock All Tracks


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Unlock All Tracks

Go to the main menu and press X, B, B, L, L, Y, Up, Down, Right, Up.

Secret Passage

On the Calypso Course level, on one of the hard left turns, there is a cave, enter the cave and keep driving till you see bushes blocking a wall with a black outline. Drive through the bushes for s secret passage within a secret passage

Secret Passage

In outback level at the first tunnel take a hard right and the is a wall that says 'Keep Out', go through it and you will be in a railroad tunnel, a nice shortcut.

Lotus Elise Delivery Tactics

At the main menu, select Hot Pursuit and then choose event 1, Lotus Elise Delivery.
- After coming out of the first tunnel drive up the big hill and you will see the first cop on the side of the road. Drive the car as if you are going to take the shortcut to the right of the cop car, but steer left at the last moment and stay on the paved road. The cop will take the short cut and lose sight of you for a while.
- After driving across the iron-work bridge and through the underpass, another cop will be waiting on the left. Follow the fence line on the right very closely and take the shortcut down the hill. This will not only shave seconds off of your lap time, but help you to lose the cops

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