NHL '99 - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Enter any of the following "Codes" at the password screen:

Code Effect
STANLEY View Winnning Movie
GIPTEA Easy Win Vs. Team England
NHLKIDS Players are Tiny
PLAYTIME Tiny Players Large Goalies
BIGBIG Big Players
BRAINY Players Have Big Heads
EAEAO Activates the EA Blades Team
3RD Alternate Jerseys if available
SPEED Faster Gameplay
FREEEA Free EA and EA Storm Teams
PULLED No Goalies
AWAYGOAL Goal for Visiting Team
HOMEGOAL Goal for Home Team
PENALTY Penalty for Team Without Puck
CHECK Check Sends Player Out
INJURY Hit Creates Injury
FLASH Enable Camera Flashes
ZAMBO Zamboni Appears on Ice
DEATHTOALL Lots of Fighting

Alternate Scoring Sounds

After scoring a goal press Triangle Square Circle or X.

Super Players

As a player h3 enter any of the h3s in the game credits.

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