NHL Hitz 2002 - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Before beginning a game press X Y or B the number of times indicated below then press the DPad in the direction indicated:

Code Effect
234 Down Always Big Hits
200 Right Big Head Players
220 Left Big Head Team
121 Left Big Puck
212 Left Bulldozer Puck
012 Right Domino Effect
323 Left First to 7 Wins
300 Right Huge Head Player
330 Left Huge Head Team
321 Up Huge Puck
010 Down Ignore Last Code
413 Right Infinite Turbo
321 Left Late Hits
333 Right More Codes
210 Right No Crowd
424 Down No Fake Shots
213 Left No OneTimers
111 Down No Puck Out of Play
423 Right Pinball Boards
141 Left Rain
201 Up Show Hotspot
101 Up Show Shot Speed
121 Left Snow
132 Down Tennis Ball
202 Left Win Fights for Goals
002 Up Turbo
104 Right Hitz Time
210 Right No Crowd

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