Primal Rage - This tricks require 2 players or some good pair of hands


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This tricks require 2 players or some good pair of hands:


1. Both players must choose Armadon on any stage.
2. Each player must execute 3 Spinning Death moves at the same time Forward Down/Forward Down Square Circle.
3. If entered correctly you can play two frames of bowling down worshippers.

Caveman Volleyball

1. In a twoplayer game play until you reach the Cove stage.
2. When a caveman runs into the foreground after a combo swat him into the air to your opponent and he should be able to hit him back.
After a couple of volleys a volleyball net appears including a referee.

Falling Cows

1. In a twoplayer game you must be on Ruin's Stage and player one has to be Chaos.
2. When the timer is about to run out have Chaos perform a 'Fart of Fury' Hold Triangle Circle and press Down Forward Up Back.
3. If the green cloud is in the air when the timer reaches 0 cows will fall instead of fireballs.

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