Prince of Persia: Warrior Within


Total votes: 46


Fighter (Bronze)
Objective: Complete the game on Easy difficulty

Warrior (Silver)
Objective: Complete the game on Normal difficulty

Time Weaver (Silver)
Objective: Use all Time Powers at least once

Grappler (Silver)
Objective: Grab and throw 100 enemies

Exceutioner (Silver)
Objective: Decapitate 150 enemies

Dual Wielder (Silver)
Objective: Kill 100 enemies using a dual wield weapon technique

Adventurer (Silver)
Objective: Play the game for 10 hours

Throwing Master (Silver)
Objective: Throw weapon at enemies 50 times

Hero (Gold)
Objective: Complete the game on Hard difficulty

The Art of Sand (Gold)
Objective: Obtain all hidden artwork

Maximum Capacity (Gold)
Objective: Get all life upgrades

Undefeated (Gold)
Objective: Complete the game in any difficulty without dying

Warrior Within (Platinum)
Objective: Obtain all other trophies

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