Rainbow Six Vegas - Achievements


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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Sniper 15 points: 10 kills using a Sniper rifle in an online ranked match.

Marksman 10 points: 100 total player kills in any adversarial mode.

Killer's Spree 20 points: 5 consecutive player kills without dying.

Killer's Rampage 30 points: 10 consecutive player kills without dying.

Demolition Expert 20 points: Kill 50 players using Explosives only.

Special Operations 50 points: Play all maps of every Adversarial game mode.

Siege Specialist 15 points: Leading contributor of kills for the Defenders in a winning Attack & Defend ranked match.

Survivor 15 points: Be the only remaining player in a ranked online match of Survival.

Lone Wolf 15 points: Most kills in a ranked online Sharpshooter match.

Team Survivalist 15 points: Most kills in a winning online ranked match of Team Survival.

Team Champion 15 points: Most kills in a winning online ranked match of Team Sharpshooter.

Hostage Rescue 15 points: Rescue all hostages in an Attack & Defend mission in under 5 minutes.

Bomb Expert 15 points: Defuse the bomb within 2 minutes in Attack & Defend.

Infiltration Specialist 15 points: Recover the Intel in Attack & Defend within 2 minutes.

Hazmat Specialist 15 points: Deposit the canister and kill an enemy canister carrier in the same Retrieval match.

Master of Ceremonies 15 points: Host a 16-player match.

Best of the Best 40 points: Achieve the rank of Elite.

Officer 20 points: Achieve the rank of Lieutenant 2nd Class.

Basic Training 5 points: Achieve the rank of Private 1st Class.

Tour of Duty 60 points: Cooperatively complete all Terrorist Hunt missions.

Vegas Champion 50 points: Cooperatively complete the Story Mode.

Coop Hunt Novice 10 points: Complete a Cooperative T-Hunt mission with at least one other player.

Coop Story Novice 10 points: Complete a Cooperative Story mission with at least one other player.

Tough Hombre 30 points: Completed Border Town in single player Story Mode.

Dam Buster 30 points: Completed Nevada Dam in single player Story Mode.

High Roller 30 points: Completed Calypso Casino in single player Story Mode.

Street Cleaner 30 points: Completed Downtown Vegas in single player Story Mode.

High Climber 30 points: Completed Vertigo Spire in single player Story Mode.

Hell Hound 30 points: Completed Dante's Casino in single player Story Mode.

Rainbow Six Legend 100 points: Complete the single player Story Mode at Realistic difficulty.

Executioner 30 points: Kill 500 terrorists online or offline.

Pistoleer 25 points: Kill 150 terrorists using only a Pistol.

Equipment Specialist 20 points: Used all Gadgets at least once in single player Story.

Veteran Hunter 50 points: Complete all maps of splitscreen Terrorist Hunt on Normal difficulty.

Elite Hunter 75 points: Complete all maps in splitscreen T-Hunt at Realistic difficulty.

True Identity 30 points: Used the Xbox Live Vision to create a character with your appearance.

Rank bonuses:
Attain the indicated rank to unlock the corresponding items for multi-player mode

1st Lieutenant 214000 experience points: Headgears 4 Half-Face Mask, Reinforced Helm, Tactical Goggles

2nd Lieutenant 172000 experience points: Camo 3 Pink, Blue, Woodland, Wasp, Sand, Crimson

Captain 264000 experience points: Merc Weapons MG36, SPAS12, Deagle

Colonel 535000 experience points: Headgears 5 Ballistic Face Mask, Riot Helm, NVGs

Corporal 14500 experience points: Camo 1 Desert, Urban, Russian, Guerrilla, Fall, Desert 2

Elite 675000 experience points: Camo 5 Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3

First Sergeant 109500 experience points: Headgears 3 Bonnie Hat, Beret, Tinted Goggles

Lt. Colonel 425000 experience points: Camo 4 Yellow Urban, Red Urban, Tiger, Rust, Urban 2, Grey

Major 330000 experience points: Military Armor Vier Recon Armor, Diamondback Combat Armor, Anaconda Assault Armor

Master Sergeant 82500 experience points: Freedom Fighter weapons AK47, Raging Bull, SV98

Private 1st Class 3000 experience points: Headgears 1 Tactical Helm, Balaclava

Sergeant 23500 experience points: Tactical Armor Raven Recon Armor, Vulture Combat Armor, Falcon Assault Armor

Sergeant First Class 56500 experience points: Camo 2 Flecktarn, Orange, Swedish, War2k5, Alpen, White

Sergeant Major 139000 experience points: Black Market Armor Typhoon Recon Armor, Cyclone Combat Armor, Hurricane Assault Armor

Specialist 8400 experience points: Rainbow Weapons MP7A1, SIG552, USP40

Staff Sergeant 38500 experience points: Headgears 2 3 Hole Balaclava, Baseball Cap, Breathing Mask

Play the Fremont Street level and look for a ledge that has a bottle of Axe cologne. Shoot the bottle. The neon roof of the Fremont Street Experience will change to an animation of a girl in a bikini with some Axe items. This is followed by a sequence with outtakes and early animations.

If you are having trouble capturing your face for your custom character or you are getting a message saying picture is invalid, try the following.

The room may be too dark. Try to brighten it up. Sometimes the camera will not take a valid picture even if you have lights on, so you must take it during the day.

The camera is not connected properly or has been connected after the console has been turned on. This can effect it also as RB6:V is very sensitive to creating your custom image.

You must have an Xbox Live Account to use the camera feature. However if your Xbox Live connection is down this will also stop the camera feature from working.

Easy Count Down level:
In Xbox Live multi-player co-op mode, on the Count Down level walk towards the elevator door. Hold LT, release, then press Left Analog-stick Forward. You will walk through the elevator. Run upstairs wearing no armor for more mobility is recommended. Go towards the missile truck, and walk a little behind it. Hold A to interact with it and hide. You will win without the enemy respawning and gain 200 experience points

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