Red Dead Revolver - Various cheats


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Various cheats

Sad Stars: The Mine
No HUD: Stagecoach
Bite the Bullet Enemies have golden guns: Fort Diego
No Distortion: End of the Line
Infinite Dead Eye: Battle Finale
Golden Gun: Siege
Invincibility: Fall From Grace

Game Modes

Hard Mode: Beat Story Mode
Very Hard Mode: Beat Hard Mode
Red Wood Revolver Mode: Beat Very Hard Mode
Red Wood Revolver Mode allows you to play and Manny Quinn, a wooden dummy found in the back of the brimstone Gun Shop. Manny Quinns Dead Eye skill lights him on fire and he is able to burn enemies.

How to beat pig josh

To beat pig josh all you need to do is jump on to the roof that Jack is on and get on top of little shack thing. After that you will have a perfect view of Josh. If he tries to come up the stairs he will most likely blow himself out of the shack leaving him vulnerable for attack.

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