Rockman ZX - Completion bonuses


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Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock the Hard difficulty setting. Successfully complete and save the game with both Vent and Aile on the Normal or Hard difficulty setting. Start a new game with the cleared game file and you can keep Model X after getting Model ZX.

Mega Man Zero 3 Bosses:
Have the Game Boy Advance game Megaman Zero 3 in the cartridge slot. Bosses from that game will now appear during the game.

Mega Man Zero 4 Bosses:
Have the Game Boy Advance game Megaman Zero 4 in the cartridge slot. Bosses from that game will now appear during the game.

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding mini-game. To play the mini-games, go to the arcade next to the transerver in Area C-2, then press Up when next to a game.

Crusher-F: Defeat any two Bosses
Mega Crusher-F: Beat the Crusher-F mini-game high score 100 points.

Boss toys:
Defeat a Boss without hitting their Biometal areas to get a Level 4 victory and unlock a toy version of that Boss in the back of Prarie's room.

Fistleo: Defeat Fistleo while avoiding his head.
Flammole: Defeat Flammole while avoiding his arms.
Hivolt: Defeat Hivolt while avoiding his wings.
Hurricaune: Defeat Hurricaunce while avoiding her neck.
Leganchor: Defeat Leganchor while avoiding his head.
Lurerre: Defeat Luererre while avoiding her head.
Protectos: Defeat Protectos while avoiding his chest.
Purprill: Defeat Purprill while avoiding his arms.

Model OX:
After completing the Area-M mission, save and do not leave the area after sending your mission report. Instead go to the other side of Transerver where it reads Area-N. Go to the second floor of the stage and keep going until you see re-appearing metal floor steps. Proceed further until you see a floor of spikes. More of the metal floor steps are there, but it is faster with Model HX. After that there is a door. There you will fight Omega Zero. ZX and at least two or three subtanks are needed to defeat Omega Zero. After he is defeated, go back to where you started to get to Area-N. Go to the third floor until you see two doors that require Megaman Zero 3 or Megaman Zero 4 in the cartridge slot. Beyond those two doors is a room with a mysterious floating rock. Get it, then get out of the area. The model can only be used after completing the game and playing your cleared saved game file. When doing this, talk to Flueve and give him the mysterious rock. He will confirm it is a BioMetal. You are now in possession of BioMetal OX.

Easy lives:
Note: This trick requires the green keycard. Go to the teleporter that is found before the C-1 level. Then, enter the level and find the green door. Enter it, then while in human form go under the gap to get the three items on the right, which include an extra life. Return to the teleporter, then enter the level again and repeat the process as many times as desired.

Free Birthday Cake:
Change the system date to the day of your birthday, then go to Area C-1 and talk to Sherry to get a free Birthday Cake that restores eight points of health. Sherry is in one of the buildings that has a dark door.

Move car:
Go to Area C-1 and look for a car. You must use Miometal Hx to move the car. Use your special to move it. You will then find a Life Energy 8, Miometal Energy 8, and two E Crystals 16

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