Scarface: The World is Yours - Cheat Mode


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Cheat Mode:
Enter one of the following codes at the "Cheat" screen from Tony's sat phone white button.

Code - Effect
DOZER - Spawn Bulldozer
OLDFAST - Antique racer
666999 - Bacinari
BUMMER - Stampede
RAINY - Rain
SHAZAAM - Lightning
GOBALLS - Increase Gang Heat
DONUT - Increase Cop Heat
MEDIK - Full health
AMMO - Full ammunition
DUMPER - Dump truck
FLYSTRT - Decrease Cop Heat
MARTHA - Change time of day
TUNEME - Real "The World is Yours" music track
WHITESH - White suit with shades
WHITE - White suit
TIGERSH - Tiger shirt with shades
TIGSHRT - Tiger shirt
TANSH - Sandy shirt with shades
TANSHRT - Sandy shirt
GREYSH - Grey suit with shades
GREY - Grey suit
BLUE - Blue suit
BLUESH - Blue suit with shades
BLACK - Black suit
FPATCH - 1000 Balls

Mission select:
Enter under the cheats menu, one of the following codes:

Password - Effect
S13 - Babylon Club Redux
DWfron - Cabana Cigar/Oakly drive in
S07A - Freedom town redux
FMSHA - Havana Storehouse
DWfron - Ogrady's

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