Spider-Man 3


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Everything in the Game:
At the 'Cheat' menu enter the password 'venomsky'.

New Goblin:
At the 'Cheat' menu enter the password 'deadly'.
Arena Mode:
Complete the game.
Black Suit:
Beat the final mission.
Harry Osbourne Green Goblin (Collectors Edition Only):
Defeat the new Green Goblin to unlock him for gameplay.

Locating Metorite Rocks:
To be able to collect the purple meteorite rock pieces with the pink glow Spider-Man has to be wearing the Black suit. When Spider-Man is then near a meteorite you will hear a pulsating sound which will get louder the closer he gets.

Rival Gang Reward:
Earn 3 Experience points when you select any of the four gang patrol missions (Dragon Tail, Waste Tribe, Apocalypse or H-Bombers) and defeat ALL of their marked territories which are identified by the matching logo.

Rage without Fighting Enemies:
You can get angry without fighting enemies if you tap R1 repeatedly. Spider-Man will make a shaking hand motion and will scream, the longer you tap R1, the more rage you will build up.

Unlock Symbiote Spider-Man's Story Mode:
When you have completed the game as Spider-Man the Symbiote Spider-Man Story mode will become unlocked.

Defeating Michael:
When you are trying to open the boarded up windows, if you are far away from him he will do a long jump towards you. Then it takes him a few seconds to recover to attack. Before he jumps, do not stand in the yellow circles. Instead, stand next to the wall opposite the windows. He will now jump to there, recover, etc. While he is recovering, pull down the boards. When he jumps into the light, attack him. Keep doing this until his and his wife's life runs out to complete the level.

Easy kills:
When an enemy is running away from you, press Circle. You will stun their eye and make it easier to kill them.
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Token collection:
While swinging through the city you might hear a chime. This indicates that you are close to a token.

Web swinging upgrades:
You can earn upgrades for this ability by using it a lot.

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