Spy Hunter - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Unlock each item by finishing the mission in the time indicated. Go to movie player in options :> Extras to play movies FMV's.
Activate cheats at the cheat grid at options :> Extras :> cheat grid

Saliva Spy Hunter FMV - Beat level 1 in 3:40.
Green HUD - Beat level 2 in 3:35.
Saliva Your Disease FMV - Beat level 3 in 2:40.
Night Vision - Beat level 4 in 3:15.
Early Test Anamatic FMV - Beat level 5 in 3:25.
Extra Cameras - Beat level 6 in 3:45.
Rainbow HUD - Beat level 7 in 3:10.
Inversion Camera - Beat level 8 in 3:05.
Concept Art FMV - Beat level 9 in 3:45.
Fisheye View - Beat level 10 in 3:15.
Camera Flip - Beat level 11 in 3:10.
Puke Camera - Beat level 12 in 3:30.
Making Of FMV - Beat level 13 in 2:15.
Tiny Spy - Beat level 14 in 5:10.
Hover Spy - Beat the entire game.
Super Spy - Beat all 65 game objectives to get invincibility & unlimited ammo for car.

Arcade mode

At the create game name screen, pick an open spot and enter "OGSPY" then press enter, the screen will go black and you'll hear a small sound. You'll then enter arcade mode.

Other Passwords

Pick a agent at the start of a game and pick a empty slot. Now put in the following codes for a name. now you can put in your own name and start a game.
Go to options-->Extras-->Movie Player to see movies

Making or Model - Get Making of Spy Hunter Movie
SALIVA - Your Disease Movie
WWS413 - Early Test Movie
SCW823 - Concept Art movie
GUNN - Spy Hunter Theme Movie

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