Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Battle droid in multiplayer mode in the geonosis academy


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Battle droid in multiplayer mode in the geonosis academy

Put in the password rogerroger

Player 3 Bonus Objectives

Put in the password yub yub

Unlimited Ammo

Put in the password chosen1

All multiplayer levels

Put in the password fragfiesta

Developer Pics

Put in the password saycheese

All Game movies

Put in the password cinema

Campaign Level Select

Put in the password GASMASK

Wookie in Multiplayer

Put in the password FUZZBALL for the wookie

Yoda Unlocked In Academy: Geonosis Level

Collect total 45 bonus points.

Geonosis: The Rescue Begins: Locating The Three R5 Droids

First Droid: After destroying the first of the Hailfire Droids and before driving under the platforms, look for a ramp up the right wall of the canyon. At the top are ammunition and the first R5 Droid.

Second Droid: After destroying the second Anti-Orbital Cannon, the R5 Droid can be found on a plateau along the far west wall, just where the rock ridge begins.

Third Droid: The third R5 Droid is found along the left wall of the large room containing the last cannon's power supply.

New Alliances: Locating The Three R5 Droids

The three R5 droids for the "New Alliances" mission on the Kashyyyk moon are located as follows.

First Droid: The first droid is located at the Separatist outpost you attack in order to get the AAT. The Droid is located behind the building where the AAT is stored. Note: If you are killed you must still find this Droid; otherwise you will not get the bonus point.

Second Droid: Once you first enter the Separatist compound with the AAT, go through the entrance and keep going to the other fence. You should be behind a building. On the left side of your current location is the second R5.

Third Droid: The third R5 is found when you are on foot. After you have defeated the group of three small Spider Droids, run past the corner of the fence, then turn left. Follow that short fence line. Once past the fence, go to the green canister on your left side. Once you get to the green canister, go around to the back of it. You will find the last R5 there.

EWOK SONG on any part of game

press up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,B,A,Start to hear the Ewok Song
Submitted by GILBERTMAN

Never die with AT-XT

All you need to do is put in chosen1 at the codes input you'll get infinite ammo but it also counts for special abilities activate your shield by holding Y and you can keep it on forever So have fun destroying things without getting a scratch.

Unlock Items By Earning Points

Get the indicated amount of bonus points to unlock more items

Points Needed 5 Points 10 Points 15 Points 20 Points 25 Points 30 Points 35 Points 40 Points 45 Points
Bonus Acquired
Raxus Duel MP Map
Thule Moon Control MP Map
Rhen Var MP Map
Jedi Academy MP Map
Unit Viewer
Making Of FMV
CD Player
Yoda for Multiplayer

Use the Force/ Move your thrown lightsaber

To use the Force, all you need to do is hold down the Y button for a second or two. Waves will shoot from your hand. This is the Force. It is useful against all ground enemies except the Super Battle Droids big white/grey ones.All enemy units die with one hit from the force except the Super Battle Droids which take two. Use it if your in a tight spot. To throw your lightsaber, you need to press the B button. If you hold it down and move the control stick, you can move the lightsaber.

How To Destroy The Dark Acolytes

If you are stuck on the dark acolytes hear is a tip. Go to the codes and put in Chosen1 you would of then unlocked unlimited ammunition. Then get to the acolytes and keep on firing missiles at them and eventually the whole three would of exploded into pieces.

Thule Moon Academy Strategy

In the Thule Moon Academy level, the enemies become very difficult. If you are losing health and there isn't any health pickups on the fields, hide Look for the niche in the canyon wall that holds the super blasters. Hide in there until your shields regenerate and another health pickup appears on the field. You can also fire your weapons from inside the little cave area. But beware, the Banking Clan Hailfire droids, Spiders, Fighter Tanks and Dark Acylodes can easily enter the cave area. When they come in, try and destroy them before they turn around. Also beware of the AATs and the mortar tanks, then can fire up into the cave Another strategy is to destroy offense before attacking large mortar convoys and other heavy firepower.

Easy Way to get Yoda

message: Select any missions that do not have all 3 bonus objectives and start it. Shoot a few lasers and pause the game. Exit and go to the code screen. Enter yub yub. Keep repeating this process until you have 45 or more objectives. There, you have Yoda.

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