Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire - FAQ


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View Credits

Enter your h3 as " Credits=" there's a space before the C.

Play as a Wampa or Storm Trooper

Enter your h3 as " Wampa Stompa=" there's a space before the W and 2 spaces in the middle. Next change the controller config to traditional. Then on Escape from Eco Base hold CRight then press Left or Right to play as a Wampa or Storm Trooper respectively.

Fly an XWing or a TIE Fighter

Go through the first part of the Skyhook battle then put the controller config on Standard. Next change the view with the Dpad to the outside of the ship. Then pause the game and hold Left on the DPad L R Z CDown CLeft CRight then press Up or Down respectively.

Infinite Life

Enter your h3 as " space jabba=" there's a space before s and 2 in the middle.

Invincibilty All Weapons 50 Lives Gravity Control

Enter the h3 " Wampa Stompa" pause the game and hold L R Z all C buttons Left on the DPad. Then move the Analog Stick halfway to the left until you hear a donk sound. Then move the Stick halfway to the right until you hear the same donk sound. Keep moving the Stick to the Left Right Left halfway and until you hear the donk sound. Pink words will appear at the top of the screen and another choice at the bottom of the pause menu. At the top press L or R to choose an option. After unpausing to bring up the pink menu again push all of the above buttons and the joystick to the left.
Submitted by: Pinky

Extra Ships

Beat the Sky Hook level and when you reach the second part of the level pause gameplay hold CUp CDown CLeft CRight L R Left on the DPad and press Up or Down on the Stick to select a another ship.

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