Street Fighter EX 3 - Extra Characters Cheat


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Extra Characters Cheat

To get the following extra characters, you have to beat original mode the following times with any character without using continues. A new character will appear after each completion.

Sagat - Once
Bison - Twice
Garuda - Three times
Shadow Geist - Four times
Kairi - Five times
Pullum - Six times
Area - Seven times
Darun - Eight times
Vulcano - Nine times

Secret Character Finishing Moves

Shouki-Hatsudou-Down to right, Down to right, triple punch
Gradus Par-Down to right, down to right, triple punch
Final Cancer-Down to left, down to left, triple punch
Meteor Combo-LeftChargeRight,Left,Right Triple Punch
Shadow Geist:
Meteor Combo-Down to left,Down to left,Triple Punch
Meteor Combo-Down to right, Down to right,Triple Punch
Meteor Combo-Down to left, Down to left, triple kick
Remember that Meteor Combos are finishers and can only be used when your meter flashes red
Darun, the wrestler:
Do a 720-degree motion on the direction pad and press triple punch.

Meteor Tag Teams

down to left,down to the left,triple punch
low punch,low punch,left,low kick,high punch
low punch,low punch,left,low kick,high punch
down to left,down to the left,triple punch
720, triple kick
leftchargeright,left,right,triple punch
leftchargeright,left,right,triple punch
leftchargeright,left,right,triple punch
leftchargeright,left,right,triple kick

Extra Characters

Adding to the other extra character cheat. To avoid frustration, you must beat the game on normal or hard without continuing and with a different person everytime. For example: if you use Ken the first time, you must use Blanka or someone else of the extra character won't come out.

Fight as Evil Ryu

To fight as Evil Ryu beat the game eight time under any difficulty setting with Ryu. You cannot use a continue. You can also get all of the Gold Medals. Then press and hold select on Ryu and press either X,O, or Square.

Narrator Sakura

To have Sakura as a narrator successfully complete the game and receive all Bronze Medals. You can also beat the game on any difficulty setting with Sakura eight times without continuing. Then highlight Sakura and press select. You should hear her laugh. She will now be the narrator

Fight as Bison II

To fight as Bison II you must successfully complete the game and receive all silver medals. You can also beat the game on any difficulty setting eight time without continuing with M. Bison. Then highlight M.Bison and hold select and press either square, O, or X. I fond out that if you have received any secret character when it says Game Over it will say Here comes a new challenger

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