Strike Force Bowling - Easy Strikes And 300 Point Games


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Easy Strikes And 300 Point Games:
First, create a bowler with maximum Strength, 13 points on Accuracy, and the remaining 6 points on Curve. Also use a ball with a weight of 16 lbs. During game play, turn the spinning of your ball to 100. Aim with the red line at the right of the third pin on the right. Press X only once and let the bars totally fill. Your player will throw the ball all by himself and you will have a 100 strike all the time. if you do not have a strike, then aim slightly to the left or right until you find the correct spot.

All strikes:
When the ball is rolling down the lane hold or push L1 if this does not work put in STRIKE 4 a name.

Mars Alley:
Enter LEVELS as your name.
This also unlocks the night versions of the alleys.

Bonus Characters:
Enter BOWLER as your name.

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