Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse - Bonus sequence


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Create a text file in the directory with stubbs.exe called init.txt and enter
the following information into the text file:

cheatdeathlessplayer 1
cheatinfiniteammo 1

Save and play

These 2 cheats enable infinite life life meter will still go down and infinite
ammo ammo will still go down

Bonus sequence:
Play the Stubbs vs. Chief Masters Dance Battle and get a "Perfect" rating in all rounds including the bonus one to see a bonus sequence with a hovering limousine.

Developer commentary:
Collect the hidden hippo heads in Insane mode to hear a developer commentary track.

Funny comments
Sometimes people will say funny things, such as:

"You're gonna die Again.."
"I see a Zombie."
"Have some punch"
"I'll show you hard science"
"Let me give you a hand"
"I loved that arm" cry
"Aw, my mother gave me that arm"
"Forget science Kill Kill Kill"
"My beautiful mind"
"Not the face"
"Why did I choose science? I could've been a talk show host"

Funny hand gesture:
When you throw your hand, occasionally it will put its middle finger up to you. This also happens when you jump as the hand.

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