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Nam Cobanda Island: Rita's Miska Scholar Title:
To perform this trick you must have access to the town of Arniun. When you start at Nam Cobanda Island talk to the Kowz behind the desk with all the tables around to trigger a scene. Rita will want to take a test to get the Doctoral Degree. To take the test she must first find five books:

1. At Halure in the Mayor's House. Look at the book shelf.

2. At Capua Torim in Fortune's Market HQ. Look at the bookshelf.

3. At Heliord in the Investigation Room. Look on the left side of the room.

4. At Mantanic in the Inn. Look at the bookshelf.

5. At Aurnin in Aurniun's HQ. Look at Flynn's dresser.

When you have ALL the books go back to the Kowz and take the test where you will be quizzed on past Tales series of games. You will get the whether you pass or fail.

Nam Cobanda Island: Alternate Costumes Titles:
When you have access to Nam Cobanda Island play the sub-event to get the costume title for Yuri, Rita, Estellise, and Karol. The sub-event starts when you walk to the stage in the gymnasium and talk to the man standing there. Watch the funny scene and you will get the titles at the end.

Grade Purchases:
While playing through Tales of Vesperia you build up grades, which can then be used to purchase various upgrades for when starting a new game. See below for a list of these:

10 Grades: - Carry over Enemy Book

10 Grades: - Carry over Collector's Book

10 Grades: - Carry over recipes

10 Grades: - Carry over Craft Skill

10 Grades: - Carry over records

10 Grades: - Decrease max HP by 20%

10 Grades: - Decrease max TP by 20%

10 Grades: - 1/2 EXP

50 Grades: - Carry over cooking level

50 Grades: - Set EXP value to one and increase bonus EXP x5

50 Grades: - Unknown Difficulty

300 Grades: - Carry over map info

350/e Grades: - Carry over individual Artes, Arte usage and skills for every character

400 Grades: - Change max items from 15 to 99

500 Grades: - Carry over items

500 Grades: - Carry over titles

500 Grades: - Increase max HP by 20% at game start

500 Grades: - Increase max TP by 20% at game start

600 Grades: - 2x Gald

1000 Grades: - Carry over Gald

1000 Grades: - Carry over all Artes

1000 Grades: - Carry over all skills

1000 Grades: - 2x EXP

1000 Grades: - Double Item drop rate

1000 Grades: - Unlock All Skits

1000 Grades: - Double the Over Limit refill speed

3000 Grades: - 10x EXP

3000 Grades: - 2x Grades

3000 Grades: - Skill cost 1 SP

Caer Bocram - Vault Password:
When you reach the vault in The Fallen City, Caer Bocram, you should have acquired three passwords clues from the old buildings you previously searched. These were 'Light', 'Sphere', and 'Sky'. The password to unlock the vault is 'Sun'.

Completion Bonuses:
When you complete the game and create a save file it will be marked with a star icon and will now have the 'EX New Game' option available on it. This feature allows you to start the game with the Grade Shop immediately available and you will be able to purchase 'Battle Rank' for 50 Grade points for an additional difficulty setting. You will also be able to load your cleared saved game file to get access to Nam Cobanda Isle at northwest part of the world map.

100-Man Melee Tournament Prizes:
When you win the 100-Man Melee Tournament with the indicated character the corresponding prizes will become available.

Comet Light, Imperial Guard, Sanctuary, Secret Magic MX, Star Light

Dragonic Coat, Gadochaos

Brave Helm, Drill Hammer

Celestial Star, Glorious Helm

Aer Fragment, Maximum Dog

Elemental Goggles, Sacred Chain

Colossus, Star Mail

Unlock English version of 'Ring-A-Bell' Song:
When you complete the game and allow the introduction cinematic to finish twice the English version of 'Ring-A-Bell' will play the second time onward.

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