Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 - All eighteen clubs in your bag


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All eighteen clubs in your bag

This trick requires two steps. First, go to a scenario and edit your golfer. Go to "Edit Clubs" and replace your 3I, 9I, PW, and LW with your 5W, 7W, 1I, and AW. Go back and continue with the scenario. Once the scenario starts, quit. After quitting the scenario, restart the scenario and re-edit your golfer. Go to the "Edit Clubs" screen, but do not change anything. The screen will indicate that you are missing your 5W, 7W, 1I, and AW, but you are not. End the editing of your golfer and start the scenario. All eighteen clubs will now be in your bag. If you quit the scenario, all clubs will remain in your bag for whatever game mode you choose to go to next.


Hit the ball close to the hole where you can get a tap-in. When your player is tapping it in, push the "Replay" button until it replays your shot before that. If done correctly, it will take a stoke off of what you got. For example, if you tap it in on 5 it will only count 4 strokes.

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