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Level select

Pause the game, then hold L1R2DOWNTRIANGE. Release the buttons, then quickly press CIRCLE, UP, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, RIGHT, DOWN. Level select will now appear on the pause menu. NOTE: this code allows you to retain any weapons and items you have collected over the previous levels.

Make Lara's Hair like a cool man

Go to the level called,'tomb of the ancients', and then save the game. Go to the big whole that you need to get to the bottom of and jump of it a few times.Once you load your game sometimes she has cool hair.4 times as long and spikey

Get food for the Leviathan

In the aquatic research Area go in the room in which you pull the lever and chum comes out. Go back out and go to the metal cart and pull it to the conveyor belt press the yellow button and the belt carries the cart to the other end. Then push it in the chum dispenser and pull the lever. When the chum goes in the cart shove it back on the belt press the other yellow button and shove it back on the lift. Now all we need to do is lower the lift. Lara will have an upgrade to shimmy for longer.

Unlimited Air

When your almost out of air all you have to do is save the game and reload it then your air well be full again.

To find the High Security Pass

When you need to find Carviers High security louver find the Mona Lisa painting move the glass cases and switch off the laser beams for limited time walk through vents till you are out side the museum walk to the outside air vent big pipes and climb up shimmy on wall until you get to a cable swing on this cable to the other ledge and she'll tell you she feels stronger walk along and jump to bigger path way run along and open the wire door climb into vent and drop down into janitor closet check all rooms until you get to the 'camera control room' look at all cameras and Lara will find carviers room camera zoom the camera up to the computer screen on her desk and you will see the code for her door type in the code and take the pass in her cupboard computer desk and 'voila' as they say in French

Louvre Roof tops

After crawling through the vents above Mona Lisa knock out the guard and go to the left there will be a ledge jump down it. Go to both doors. she will say I'm not strong enough. So go back up the ledge and right where you came out there is a box. Climb onto it and then onto the pipe. Jump up and shimmy across the ledge and keep going you will come to a wire climb across keep running until you come to a wired door kick it open and she will be stronger then find a way back to the doors and go through them or go through the vent behind the wired door then it's up to you to make the rest of the decisions.

Money glitch infinite money

On Parisian ghetto level-walking around in different parts of the parks will respawn constantly wads of money.

Ledge Handstand

When Hanging from a ledge hold L1 and press up and Lara will do a handstand.

Switch guns without having to press select

First hold down L1 then press up on the d-pad. note: make sure you hold down L1 when you press up

Backflip Grab

Back up to a ledge and HOLD l1 and press X

Somersault off Ledge

Stand on the edge of a ledge and Press Triangle to crawl then press Left Analog stick Forward

Dive Into Water

Stand on a ledge over water and Hold l1 and press X

Swan Dive

Hold L1 UP on the Analog Joystick and press CIRCLE.

Surviving Explosions

At the Lourve Storm Drains level when you place the explosives, you DO NOT have to run away. Just keep pressing the action button and Lara will miraculously survive.

More Parisian Backstreets

When you drop down the ladder that ends the level, jump backward and explore the gated area to your left. Health pills and another crowbar are located there. And if you go back to the cupboard area and crowbar the locked shelves you will find a valuable necklace.

Skip the 1st level very easy

Look for a small medi-kit close to the place where Lara started the game and when you get there try to unlock the door, side-jump right, then side-jump left and Lara will have spiky hair and skip the "boring" level.

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