Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 - 10X trick multiplier


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10X trick multiplier

pause the game then hold L and press C-Down4, C-Left, C-Right, Right

Unlock Cheats

Finish Career Mode this number of times to get the cheat indicated

1 time - Officer Dick
2 times - Skip to Restart
3 times - Kid Mode
4 times - Perfect Balance
5 times - Special Always Available
6 times - Stud Mode
7 times - Weight Mode
8 times - Wire Frame Mode
9 times - Slo Nic Mode
10 times - Big Head Mode
11 times - Sim Mode
12 times - Smooth Mode
13 times - Super Revert Mode
14 times Moon Physics

Get Wolverine

Get all gaps in the regular levels using any skater

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