Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 - Leaving Practice Area


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Leaving Practice Area

When you go in the Practice mode, and play. Go to the fence in the on end of the ramp, here you must lay down, allot and then just only slip through, now you're out of the practice area and can skate on the road, enjoy...

PS. I've tested this, it works but its very hard to do Tested on PC and PS2

All Levels

Watchmexplode in cheat menu

Get Moon Gravity

Type:MOONHOT in cheat menu

Get Matrix Mode

Type:FBIAGENT in cheat menu

Special Always On

Type:I'MYELLOW in cheat menu

Perfect Rails

Type:BELIKEERIC in cheat menu

Perfect Manuals

Type:FREEWHEELIE in cheat menu

Partly submitted by Messinezis

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