True Crime: Streets of L.A. - Get Extra Boost


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Get Extra Boost

At the map screen, hold UP and press A, A, A.

Get Smaller Car

At the map screen, press UP, UP, UP, A.

Various cheats

Enter at the map screen

Get all moves, cars, and weapon parts - UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, A
Get all melee combat skills - UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, A
Get all driving skills - LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, A
Get all gun skills - RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, A
Increase car size must be inside a car first - DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, A
Display Nick's position - A, B, X, Y

Change Nick's Appearance

When naming your game file when you are making your license plate, put in the following names. Hold L and R when you enter and confirm the name.

Look like the Chief - B1G1
Look like Rosie - ROSA
Look like Rosie in lingerie like in the Blood Money episode - HURTM3
Look like a cop - FUZZ
Look like a police officer - FATT
Look like a SWAT officer - 5WAT alternate code - SWAT
Look like a commando - M1K3
Look like a female worker - HARA
Look like a male worker - HARA
Look like a female punk - B00B
Look like a male punk - MNKY
Look like a gangster - TFAN
Look like a boxer - BRUZ
Look like a gambler - MRFU
Look like a butcher - PHAM
Look like a biker - HAWG
Look like a S&M donkey - JASS
Look like Ancient Wu's concubine - TATS
Look like a pimp - P1MP alternate code - PIMP
Look like a hobo - B00Z
Look like a corpse - J1MM

Show Dog Bones

Hold L1 R1 while entering WHUPASS for the license plate and confirming the entry.

Watch Bonus Movie

To unlock the bonus movie, get all three endings poor, average, and best by successfully passing all of the episodes, including the alternate ones. This extra movie is just for fun, and it shows Masterson and Nick doing something silly at the Gulag Club.

Unlock Snoop Dogg

On the map screen, press R, L, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, L-CLICK, R-CLICK, A, X, B, Y. You should hear a chime to confirm that you did it correctly. Now, go to a place that will save your game. Then, go to the Mission Select Screen and pick a mission that shows Snoop's head to play as him.

Change color on Nick's car

When making a license plate, hold L R and press DOWN and UP to cycle through all the colors. The color of the horizontal bar represents the color the car will have.

Dealing With Criminals on the Street

When dealing with street crimes, use the siren, wave your badge, or fire warning shots to try persuading the enemies to stop fleeing and surrender.

Hop the Lowrider

When using the hydraulics, lift the front of the car using LEFT and RIGHT and tap A, A to make the car hop.

Get good cop points quick and easy

If you want to earn good cop points quickly, go to a street called Rose Ave. in Venice. All of the people walking on that street are usually either carrying drugs or guns. Simply walk up to anyone on that street and frisk them and you'll bust them. Rose Ave. is the street by the beach and in directly on the "N" in the title Venice on the map; you can look up the map from the start menu.

Snoop Dogg Hydraulics

Use LEFT and RIGHT on the pad to alter the height of the ride on the Dogg Patrol mission.

Title Screen Manipulation

At the title screen you can manipulate the background by pressing the following:

BLACK - Decrease color depth
WHITE - Increase color depth

Push the right analog stick left - Scroll screen left
Push the right analog stick right - Scroll screen right
Push the right analog stick up - Change time of day

Get Unlimited ammo

You can exploit a game bug to effectively give Kang unlimited ammo with a gun of your choice. This trick will only work in the free-roam missions, as other missions won't allow you to holster your gun as the trick requires.

Pick up the gun for which you'd like unlimited ammo, and then pick up a secong gun to move the first gun to Nick's right hand. When your right-handed gun is low on ammunition, holster your guns and press R1 R2 to fire a shot into the air just once. Unholster your weapons and the right-handed weapon should have a full clip of ammo. Repeat the trick as necessary.

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