True Crime: Streets of L.A. - Various skins


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Various skins

Skins At the start of the game, for your License plate type in:

J1MM: Zombie
TATS: Glowing tattoo chick
P1MP: Pimp
HAWG: Biker Dude
JASS: A donkey that's blindfolded & smoking
MNKY: A bald dude with tattoos
B1G1: That big black lady who's your boss
ROSA: The chick partner
HURT: M3 The chick partner in Lingerie
TFAN: Fat black guy
FATT: That old cop that talks the whole game
PHAM: Dude all covered with blood
HARA: Some dude
BRUZ: Some boxer dude
MRFU: Some pimped out lookin dude
B00Z: those are zeros, not O's A chewy looking homeless guy
5WAT: thats a five A SWAT team dude
FUZZ: Cop with Shades
M1K3: Dude in a ski mask
AWYEAH: Afro guy

Change color of car

hold L1 and R1 when putting in licenes plate press up to change color of car.
Submitted by ragpack

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