Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

At the Secrets screen enter any of the following:

Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk

Pen and Ink Mode
Cougar Horse Elk Salmon Cougar Hawk

Raven Salmon Eagle Bear Lizard Rabbit

All Weapons
Owl Bear Owl Insect Hawk Owl

Unlimited Ammo
Salmon Elk Bull Snake Eagle Salmon

Warp Level 1
Frog Elk Horse Dragonfly Wolf Rabbit

Warp Level 2
Owl Owl Horse Elk Elk Elk

Warp Level 3
Owl Rabbit Bear Insect Frog Cougar

Warp Level 4
Bear Horse Raven Eagle Horse Coyote

Warp Level 5
Bear Dragonfly Horse Bear Frog Elk

All Keys
Lizard Dragonfly Bull Bear Wolf Eagle

Lizard Elk Eagle Owl Salmon Horse

Lizard Salmon Insect Salmon Wolf Dragonfly

Big Head Mode
Cougar Wolf Snake Rabbit Lizard Coyote

Big Hands and Feet
Lizard Lizard Dragonfly Horse Lizard Coyote

Stick Man Mode
Horse Eagle Snake Cougar Insect Salmon

Tiny Mode
Frog Frog Salmon Insect Wolf Cougar

Mannequin Mode
Snake Bull Snake Frog Bear Elk

Gasping Mode
Dragonfly Bull Rabbit Salmon Eagle Raven

Menu Madness
Rabbit Owl Horse Insect Bear Bear

Full Pause Screen
Rabbit Owl Lizard Elk Salmon Rabbit

Ultra Weapons
Raven Hawk Bull Frog Snake Eagle

Submitted in part by Wanz22 Mike Wanzer

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