Twisted Edge - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

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Hidden Boards and Boarders

Finish first overall in all the difficulty stages of the Competition Mode to earn the hidden boarders Ben Nieno Tok andBoreth.

To earn the hidden boards finish first on all races: XXX6 Top Gear Rally and Midway.

To earn the Bucky Board complete the Stunt Challenge Mode.

Earn the Flower Board

Place First in all 3 courses in the first round of competition mode.
Submitted by: Jareoke

Jump Start

Just after the word Go disappears press Up Up.
Submitted by: Jareoke


Front Flip: Down Up Up A
Back Flip: Up Down A
Rodeo Flip:UpLeft DownRight A
Egg Flip: Left Right Left A
McTwist 720: DownRight UpLeft A
Misty Flip: DownRight Left A
Grabs: Press B R or Z after jumping and hold the stick in any direction. Hold one button at a time to complete different grabs.
Submitted by: Jareoke

Master Mode

Beat the game on the first three difficulty levels.

Twisted Mode

Beat the Master Modeabove.

Mirror Mode

Beat the Twisted Modeabove.

Boss Snowboard and Bob Character

Beat the Mirror Modeabove.

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