Twisted Metal 2 - Level Passwords


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Level Passwords

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God Mode

Hold L1 R1 then press Up Down Left Right Right Left Down Up.
Fixed by: ARFBearcat

Homing Naplam Advanced Attack

During the game fire a napalm with at least one in reserve. Keep the button pressed and press Up Down Down Left Left Left Right Right.

Restore Life

Run over 10 pedestrians to get your life back.

Sell Your Weapons for Health

Press Down Up Right Left Up Up Down Down. Then you can sell all of your weapons for health.

Play as Minion

At the Car Select screen press L1 Up Down Left

Minion's Special Attack

Press Up Down Up Up Machine Gun.

Advanced Attacks

During Play you may perform any of these combos:

Effect Code
Cloaking Right Down Left Up
Freeze Blast Left Right Up
Jump Up Up Left
Mine Attack Right Left Down
Napalm Right Left Up
Rear Attack Left Right Down
Rear Freeze Left Right Down Left Right Up
Rear Napalm Left Right Down Right Left Up
Shield Up Up Right

Play as Sweet Tooth

At the Car Select screen press Up L1 Triangle Right.

Secret Levels

These levels can only be accessed in twoplayer challenge mode. Enter these at the level select screen:

Level Password
Jet Moto Up Down Right R1
Original Rooftop Down Left Right Down
Cyburbia Down Up L1

Mega Guns

During gameplay hold R2 then press Up Down Left Right Right Left Down Up.

Infinite Weapons

During gameplay hold L2 R2 then press Up Down Left Right Right Left Down Up.

Play as Dark Tooth

Beat the game on Hard using any character except Sweet Tooth or Minion. Restart the game and at the Car Select screen press L1 Up Down Left Up L1 Triangle Right Up Down L1 R1.

Secret Code

On Moscow shoot the red sign hanging on the wall and it tells you a code to type in at the Car Select screen.

Secret Code 2

On Paris burn the Mona Lisa with a napalm. Wait there until you see a code where the picture used to be.

Play as Gator

Select Challenge Match and pick Warthog and Outlaw 2. After one beats the other when the loser screams quickly press R2 R1 L2 L1 X X X Circle L2.

Interior View

Hold Select and press Up Up Down Down Square.

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