Uchuu Keiji Tamashii - Survival Mode


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Survival Mode:
Earn 5000 points by playing some stages over again.

Unlock Secret The Making of Movies:
To unlock commercial movies of the tv series in game, simply beat the survival mode by killing 999 enemies including bosses. 5 characters to choose from, it doesnt matter what the character order as long as all of them have 999 kills in survival mode, the tv commercial will be unlockable one by one.. you cannot unlock another movie with the same charcter who did 999 kills. this apply to 5 commercial movies as for the 6th movie which is the making of this game, you can choose any of the charcters with 999 kills in survival mode.. this 6th feature can be unlock once all of the 5 commercial movies are already unlock. Tv Commercials shown are old and classic 80's giving them a last glimpse and tribute to the great metal heroes series:

Effect - Code
Commercial No.5 Sahaian Tank DX and Blue Hawk Bike - Kill 999 enemies using 5th character

Tv Commercial No.1 Space Sherrif Gavan Action Figure - Beat the survival game , kill 999 enemies by using Gavan

Tv Commercial No.2 Dolgiran Ship, Popy - Kill 999 enemies using 2nd character

Tv Commercial No.3 Sharivan Action Figure - Kill 999 enemies using 3rd character

Tv Commercial No.4 Sharingar Tank Radio Control - Kill 999 enemies using 4th character

The making of Space Sheriff Spirits - Kill 999 enemies using any character after 5 commercial movies are obtained

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