Van Helsing - Power Clothes Cheat


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Power Clothes Cheat

Finish the game on any difficulty, while finishing every level with your hat on, to unlock the Power Clothes cheat.

Archaic Clothes cheat glyph

When battling Dracula for the first time in Castle Frankenstein, a bunch of lab equipment will be near Velken off to the side.Look for a batch of green ooz, jump in and click the action button until you find it. You may only keep it if you get it before killing Dracula otherwise you must go back for it.

Get Rifle

Complete all 5 challenges.

Get Unlimited Ammo

Defeat the game on Hard Mode

Alternate Gatling Gun

When starting out on Mission 12, you will notice a bunch of staircase platforms. Then wraiths will swarm at you from every corner. Slay all the wraiths and make your way to the middle stair platform to the barred door to your left. Charge up the Alternate Lightning Gun and juice the power stone in the wall. Walk inside and recover the Alternate Gatling Gun. If you don't have the Rifle, this will do for BIG DAMAGE.

Lightning Gun

When escaping Castle Frankenstein on level 8, you will pass through familiar rooms. When you get to the room where you first encountered pygmy bats, jump through the hole in the wall in which you came through to get up there. As you jump down, you will notice a pool of spilled goo off to the side from one of the containers. If you look closely, a glowing lightning gun will be lying in it. Add it to your growing collection of superb weaponry.

Shadow Fiend

When battling Verona and Aleera on the horse carriage in level 9, you will be able to dodge attacks by leaping onto the horse up front. To fetch the cheat glyph which is located toward the back and under the chariot, you must let yourself get hit while riding the horses and snatch the glyph as you pass under the back of the coach.

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