Viva Pinata

Viva Pinata


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Game Cheats:
Surviving Falls:
Press 'Roll' to take no damage when you skip a ladder and jump too far above the ground.

Food Effects:
It is possible to change the colour or evolve Pinata's by feeding them certain fruits or vegetables. Listed below are some examples.

Feed a Rashberry a Cheesecake.

Whirlm (Purple):
Feed a Whirlm a Turnip.

Flutterscotch (Blue):
Feed a White Flutterscotch a Bluebell Flowerhead.

Flutterscotch (Green):
Feed a White Flutterscotch a Watercress Flowerhead.

Flutterscotch (Orange):
Feed a White Flutterscotch a Bird of Paradise Fowerhead.

Flutterscotch (Yellow):
Feed a White Flutterscotch a Buttercup Flowerhead.

Flutterscotch (Red):
Feed a White Flutterscotch a Poppy Flowerhead.
Unlock Gamerpic:
When you have completed ALL 7 of the Langston's Region challenges the gamerpic will become unlocked.

Use the the following fertilizer colours in the fertaliser bag for indicated plant whenever possible.

Purple fertilizer

Yellow fertilizer

Yellow fertilizer

Red fertilizer

Red fertilizer

Gooseberry Bush:
Green fertilizer

Apple Tree:
Red fertilizer

Blue fertilizer

Green fertilizer

Yellow fertilizer

Bird of Paradise:
Orange fertilizer

Unlock Classic Gamer Award:
To get this award which is worth 10 GamerScore points without having to earn it press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A at the 'Start' screen.

Pass Time Without Prompts or Delays:
To get the 50 hour Real-Time achievement quicker press 'X' and select the 'Tower of Sour' by going up and then Right and remain there and you will not recieve any prompts asking you about a Pinata request or anything else. Your garden will still be in play buy your Pinata will probably be eaten so it's best to do this on a garden which has no valuables.

Enter the following passwords as a name for your garden to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Unlock YMCA Gear:

Unlock 5 Extra accessories at the Pet shop:

Unlock new Items for your Pinatas to wear:
Goobaa or Bullseye

How to make medicine:
If you tinker honey with the gold tinker than it will make medicine.

You can make a barkbark eat medicine and it will unlock a variant and also a sweettooth and I am sure there are others I think that is the syrupents variant to it makes them turn pink. You just have to direct them to the medicine and they will eat it.

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